I’m not really one for praising politicians. I’ve done it a few too many times only to be disappointed later. But I have to say, I’m really impressed by the movement Cori Bush led in the last week. Her one-woman protest sleeping outside the Capitol (initially to push the House, then to push Biden) to extend the eviction moratorium, garnered support from other progressives such as AOC and Mondaire Jones and, later, moderate Democrats, until Biden made the offical call.

I’ve been following Bush since she began her campaign as Representative for the 1st district of Missouri, which includes St. Louis and most of St. Louis county. What’s so unique about her is not so much her progressive values, which are becoming increasingly common in younger House and even Senate members, but rather the personal nature of those values to her. Bush has experienced extreme poverty, homelessness, and domestic abuse, among other struggles, and beyond from the obvious incredible nature of her perseverance to get where she is now, her devotion to ensuring others don’t have to endure what she did is the most admirable quality I’ve seen in a politician to date.

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of what the situation was prior to Bush’s efforts and what’s going on now: